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Get out of my dreams... and into my blog

From time to time, I have random things that come to mind that
I would like to share with someone, so why not the world. Here you'll
find random rantings, links, etc that I have found interesting... Enjoy!

If you hadn’t already noticed, lindseybutler.com/wordpress aka my blog has been going through major renovations. Stay tuned for future updates and changes. As of right now, it’s about 80% complete… I have a few minor tweaks and additions and my new and improved blog will be good to go…. keep checking back for my progress!

My gpa wrote a book of memoirs about his life. I helped him by designing the book, providing sketches for some of the stories, and also helped with the publishing process. He had a really amazing life and if you are interested, you can buy it using the link below.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

the chronicle does a short piece about an award i got

click the previous sentence… (its towards the middle labeled “Butler receives…”)

check it out!


It’s the end of spring break, and all I can think about is how little time I have left.

Over the next few weeks, my website (lindseybutler.com) will be in the mist of updates… be ready….

got to get ready for that graduation thing