Find a selection of some of my design work below.

The Science Mill - Augmented Reality Interactives

A whole unique check-in system plus a custom, personalized tour guide for a children's learning center built from the ground up. I was in charge of providing the UI design, character design, storyboarding, 3D modeling, and animation in this project.

University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital Interactive Theater

Using Microsoft Kinect technology, patients' and their families can participate in an interactive experience of their choosing: either an interactive collection game or 1 of 3 interactive stories. I was responsible for asset creation and design, character design, 3D modeling, and animation for each of these interactions.

AAVS - "Take the Leap"

In an effort to eliminate animal testing from companies, AAVS provides a list of cruelty-free companies that have been certified by the Leaping Bunny Program; the Leaping Bunny Logo is placed on products of certified companies, and serves as an internationally recognized sign of trustworthy, animal-friendly products. To promote taking the cruelty-free pledge, I created this video. I was responsible for the overall design, storyboarding, motion graphics, character creation and design, 3D modeling, and animation.

Conference Booth Attractors

A client decided to they wanted to create both a VR experience and an interactive "quiz" for their audience to interact with and enjoy at a conference. For the VR game, I was tasked with designing a low-poly world based on their branding as well as 2D and 3D asset creation and animation. For the interactive quiz, I was responsible for the booth's attract videos (motion graphics and animation) between use.

University of Michigan Athletics Interactives

The University of Michigan's Crisler Center wanted multiple interactives to engage fans; from an augmented reality photo kiosk and multiple interactive games to an interactive database of the university's rich athletic history. I was involved with 2D and 3D asset creation, UI design, 3D modeling and texturing, and animation.

Perfect Prototype Website

I worked on an overhaul of the website for Perfect Prototype which included creating a custom WordPress theme. I designed with both desktop and mobile in mind.

SewRob Logo Rebrand and Website

Sewrob wanted to revamp their old look with a brand new logo and website. For their logo, I decided to stay simple with a focus on typography reflecting their brand. For the website, I opted to design and create a custom Wordpress theme so they could take avantage of Wordpress's content management system.

Mosaic Life Care Interactive Game

Using Microsoft's Kinect technology, patient's at the Mosaic Life Care facilities can play an interactive game that explores the body on a microscopic level (like "Fantastic Voyage"). I provided the UI design, animation, and 3D modeling (both optimization and creation).

Working Together to Complete the Mission App

A client wanted to create a unique way for team-building at a conference; 4 people must communicate verbally from cues on their devices so they can "complete their tasks" together (think : "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes"). Using their branding as a guide, I designed the UI for the tablets as well as designing the layout for main monitor that worked in tandem with each individual's tablet within the game.

Adventures of a Lifetime Autobiographies

To highlight the amazing stories from Gordon H Butler Jr's life, I designed the page layouts and overall composition of the autobiographies as well as created the illustrations that were used in some of the chapters.

F.A. Davis Company Informational Animations

As a resource for students, F.A. Davis needed educational animations to captivate and educate in a creative and exciting way. Based on storyboards, I animated a handful of videos dealing with health topics. I created most of the assets and some of the illustrations myself.

Rosie's Natural Way - Brand Identity

A new company was looking for branding that portrayed the company's aesthetic and vision. I decided to only use typography and to build their identity around their company name. My design reflected the company's rustic, down-home feel.

Virtual Reality Space Game

A client wanted to create a VR experience to excite their audience about their products. I was tasked with designing an out-of-this-world VR experience based in space, optimizing and creating 3D assets as well as producing some animations.

Save the Date / Wedding Invitation Animation

A couple hired me to help complete their vision for a truly unique "Save the Date" for their guests. The video was created to resemble a stop-motion type of animation style. Not only did I create and fully animate illustrated versions of the couple, but their unique vision included paper-crafting complete sets and backgrounds to complete the look.

Robinson Nature Center Interactive Table

Users navigate a virtual helicopter through a map of the Chesapeake Bay watershed activating specific hotspots to learn more. I was responsible for 3D modeling and animating the virtual helicopter (as well as other ambient flying objects like airplanes and flocks of birds) and was tasked with designing / creating the "inner cockpit" of your virtual helicopter to display information about each hotspot.

University of Houston Mascot Simulation

Fans have the opportunity to choose between the two University of Houston's mascots (Shasta and Sasha) and "become" them in a virtual reality game. For this interactive, I was responsible for modeling, texturing, and rigging the 3D models that were used in the game.

BIG10 Headquarters Interactives

Users are able to experience and learn about the BIG10's historic academic and athletic past using a large touchscreen video wall or they can join their favorite team and play an interactive Kinect game. I was responsible for producing some of the 3D assets and animation for the touchscreen as well as creating, optimizing, and animating assets for the Kinect game.

Various Invitation Designs

Invitations set the stage for clients' unique events. I work with clients to help produce custom designs reflecting whatever style of invitation they need. From design, typography, packaging, and production, I was responsible for creating these custom designed invitations.

Holiday Card Series

Each holiday season, I try to expand on the adventures of my Moose and Bear characters in the form of a holiday greeting card. My ultimate goal is to create a humorous two-panel comic but in a postcard format; the first panel is the front, while the other panel is the back of the card. I create, illustrate, and produce all of the assets for each of these cards.